I hope u dream about her

thanks andrea me too :~))))

hey goodnight you all im probably not going to school tomorrow god bless i hope i dont need to go also i love lorde a lot thanks goodnight!!!!!!


theres too many 13 year olds on the internet.  i didnt go on the internet till i was 15 and all i did was join a nintendo site to try to get ds friend codes

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ct looking really suspicious


ct looking really suspicious

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Oceans & Streams - The Black Keys

Played — 715 times
Trackname — Oceans & Streams
Artist — The Black Keys
Album — Attack & Release


Lorde performing at the Peabody Opera House. Photo by Angela Vincent.

Ezra Koenig at Red Butte Garden in Salt Lake City (Photos by Leah Hogsten for The Salt Lake Tribune)

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