im fred

goodnight! just so you know.. I’ve been so Nervous the whole day today so nervous probably bc of lorde I’m so excited for tomorrow to see her perform at lolla I love her so much also my two fav people in the entire world (lorde and tiffany) will be at the same place tomorrow pretty big deal for me

dancefairparis Sam is one of my fav characters!!! he’s pretty cool imo I’m glad I’m like him lmao

I’m an isfj just like Sam from lord of the rings

lorde’s cat has an Instagram

me: *is excited for tiffany zabialonso and emma dancefairparis bc lolla tomorrow!!!!*

also i dont even reblog many pics anymore tbh?? like really less than usual lately sorry about that i just have so many Feels that have to be turned into tumble posts so i can go on im sorry

idk what i am doing today tbh… i have no idea what i did today?? i dont know whats up with me sorry im so !!!!!!! anxious idk why! about lorde yeah but why! why

i hope miranda and kristen are having fun..

i live in a hologram with you. (x)

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Alex with a fan in Chicago! (x)


Alex with a fan in Chicago! (x)

i am so Pumped Up im so !!!!!!!!!! why is this happening… actually i kinda know why sorry


Keep The Car Running // Arcade Fire

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